Tell your children that when they are at an age when they can concentrate on studying and reading books, appreciate the time, realize the importance of reading from an early age, the path of a new life increasingly open and easy going.

Two days ago, I talked to my daughter about reading and studying.

The daughter, after a very serious hearing, asked me back, “You often tell me that reading is very important, so what do you read more often than non-readers?”

I am delighted that, in fact, when a child thinks about what it means to read with life, they will gradually understand that, no matter from what angle, the person who regularly reads will occupy much more dominant.

For example, I never seem to have seen anyone who works hard at reading books but loses in academic or academic matters.

In fact, the children that college exams don’t throw away, are not kids with low IQ or anything, but kids whose reading or studying ideologies don’t matter, kids There is no self-discipline in learning, or understanding of perseverance.

The regular reader, every day will arrange for himself a fixed reading period, no matter how busy life is, reading becomes a routine of their daily, gradually, they naturally will become more self-disciplined and more persistent than others.

There may be people who say that, even if they do not study well, do not like to read, it does not mean that life will definitely not be worth it later.

But if you go wrong the first and most important step, even though later life is still a lot of possibilities, but ultimately, people with knowledge and qualifications will still have more development space and be active in right to choose more.

Won in words

I happened to see a video about the brotherhood of three brothers Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, which is both humorous and worthy of reflection.

In the video, Guan Yu expresses his heart to Liu Bei: “Guan Yu has long worshiped the two words of faithfulness, just as they say, even chosen wood, god gave good wood, tried to find God, gave God good God, the will of Quan Mo, that is very satisfied. From now on, my life, please give it to Luu, resolutely not.

Zhang Fei followed: “Me too.”

Guan Yu went on to say, “Everybody has two affiliates having happiness, having the same art of suffering, living and dying, and dying together.”

Zhang Fei followed: “Me too”.

Guan Yu continued, “If left by the oath, heaven will not spare the earth.”

Zhang Fei continued: “Me too.”

Someone commented saying: This is the difference between readers and non-readers.

In life, you will discover that some people export poems, whatever they say, they are very muddy and persuasive, making listeners feel very comfortable; but there are also people, a sentence does not say complete, posted status, then everywhere see errors; more people look like they have a culture, but actually specialize in taking the words of others and telling them it’s theirs.

The mode and content of a person’s words can visually express his knowledge as well as his level of thought.

People who do not read books, even if they quarrel with others, may not have quarreled with their souls, then become angry, they only know how to say bad words and insults, they can not solve the problem, but they are also criticized by others. laugh.

Do not let your children after becoming an adult to discover, then people do not read books, even words have lost to others already.

Winning in sight

Author Ann Morgan once gave a TED lecture titled “Where does the non-reader end up losing?”

There is a passage that makes people very impressed: “Reading helps me recognize my ignorance, helps me to keep my humble attitude towards my shortcomings, and above all it helps I broadened my horizons. Immersed among different countries and cultures, my thoughts became clearer than ever. "

Reading books can broaden one’s perspective. The more you read, the more tolerant you will be to everything in the world.

Someone once said: “When you read and create regularly, you will often realize your limitations.”

The person who regularly reads books, can perceive himself more clearly, can recognize his outstanding weaknesses, will also be more clear that he is ultimately pursuing something.

On the contrary, the more people who do not read books, the harder it is to be able to see themselves clearly, they do not see their own limitations, nor do they see their own advantages, every time they say So something is like once flaunting its inanimateness and short-term.

Tell your children that people who don’t read books lose their ability to reflect on themselves. And this power, both good and good, is the good factor that determines one’s glory and achievements.

Lose at wages and compensation

Not long ago, the information that Huawei recruited “graduates of this year’s course” (doctorate) with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan (about 6.6 billion) has made the Chinese social network aroused, public Big companies, high salaries, who don’t want to reach.

Looking at the resumes of those “graduates of this year’s course”, all of them are PhDs in top universities, not only that, each of them has achieved certain results. in its respective fields through research and in-depth research.

Some say that after all, Huawei is simply paying a fair price for its capabilities.

Yes, a high degree is the most basic reward, and a good job is a reward for the years of hard reading and studying.

Gradually, you will discover, in the working environment of modern society today, people who regularly read books, explore and learn will have more and more money.

They can get things done more quickly, because their knowledge store is bigger than others, and they also know how to find the right and faster ways to solve problems faster than average people. often.

They can get a higher salary, faster promotion, because the so-called workplace, it is always more favorable to competent people.

In this era, it is impossible to just rely on social relations to get a job.

Who doesn’t like to interact with a valuable person, and mortals are really capable people, who wants to give up reading books - weapons that help improve yourself effectively?

Winning the quality of life

Someone once said: “Life, not how many days you live, but how many days you can remember, live so that each day is memorable.”

How many people live a life of mediocrity, a quality life, every single day repeats in a monotonous manner, waiting until they get old and remember, there doesn’t seem to be a day worth living.

Writer Yan Geling said: “Reading books, this spiritual study, it helps people get rid of worldly desires like money, material or beauty outside …”

Reading, not only helps people succeed in secular fame, but above all, it enriches our inner world, you will feel every day is not worthless, every day is worth living , interesting.

People who regularly read books, will not feel alone, are lonely, nor will they think that only excitement can make people truly happy.

Compared to people who do not read books, they will have more hobbies and habits to increase the value of time, because the spiritual world is satisfied, so even without phones, televisions or computers , they can still live happily and completely.

Do not let the children go on living and feel tired, tasteless, lack of something, the mind is easy to get sick.

But at least

We are not agreeing or emphasizing that reading can lead to success and fortune, nor does it say that people who do not read will not benefit from it.

But at least, the more books you read, the more informed you will become to the world. abundance will be more and more; The more you read, the more rational you will be when faced with temptation or challenge.

The more you read, the more you will consciously cultivate your qualities and morals, be more modest, more open to problems and stay calm in life.

Tell your children that when they are at an age when they can concentrate on studying and reading books, appreciate the time, be aware of the importance of reading from an early age, the path of the new life increasingly open and easy going.